August 5th 2021, virtual (

Are you interested in creating bots for Minecraft, or even competing in the Diamond or BASALT competitions, but do not know where to start? Then this is the event for you!

Join us during our workshop to complete tasks specifically designed to ease the entry into the AI development in Minecraft! The best part? We (the organizers) will be present to tutor and help you out! We hope that every participant leaves the workshop with freshly gained skills to work towards better AI with the MineRL environment!

We realize that you, our dear reader, might be well versed in the runes of Python as is, or maybe you already master the arcane dark arts of machine learning. Considering this, we will target the tasks towards three groups:


We wish to assist you regardless of your proficiency in programming or machine learning, but that being said, we ask that you at least…

Schedule and venue

Event takes place on August 5th, encompassing time zones from the west-coast US to Japan. Detailed schedule will be added here later. The workshop is split into sessions of two-three hours each. You are free to join any of the sessions at any time!

We will be using the platform with a small classroom setup. This is both fun and functional, where we tutors can jump around and help everyone individually, instead of plain-old video lecture! Note that the meeting room can only fit a limited number of participants at any given time.

Link to the meeting will be shared here on this webpage once the workshop starts!

Tutors (may be updated)